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Virtual Case Study:





For the third year in a row, AAA hired us to help them host a management training during their Values Week. The large event took place at the AAA NCNU Walnut Creek headquarters and needed to be streamed to multiple satellite offices in Northern California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona to accommodate nearly 500 remote attendees.


The Challenges:

  • Remote team members needed to see presentations and speakers in Walnut Creek.
  • Remote team members would use a chat feature within the remote view to interact and ask the speakers their questions.
  • A member of the comms team would monitor chat and announce questions from remote attendees.
  • Microphones needed for speakers and in-room attendees during Q&A.


The Solutions:

  • Used two cameras for a view of the speaker and a presentation view.
  • Presented a landing page for the remote teams to see before going live. It included a logo, title of event and music (which helped teams adjust their volumes as necessary.)
  • To secure the log-in, team members provided their email addresses after clicking on the link for the event.
  • Included link to the meeting prior to event time to allow for easy updates.
  • Set-up a laptop for the presentation, a clicker for advancing screens, and a separate computer to monitor the chat and Q&A.
  • Provided six microphones for the event (two for the Q&A runners and four lapel/handheld ones for the speakers).


The Outcome:

  • Using IBM Cloud as the platform and utilizing the right computers and microphones, we were able to flawlessly execute the training for AAA. The remote attendees were able to see and hear the presentation without any issues, making for a smooth and successful management training. For those who could not attend the meeting, we were able to provide a recording, allowing them to watch it at a later date.


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