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Virtual Case Study:
The Real Real




The RealReal came to us to help host a 40-minute All Hands meeting as a “live videocast” for the entire company, including management, employees and all remote locations.


The Challenges:

  • The videocast would be broadcast “live” from the headquarters in San Francisco.
  • The presenters needed to be located in the central San Francisco broadcast room.
  • It would be one-way transmission only.
  • The CEO/Founder wanted to open the meeting with specific music before her entrance and agenda.
  • Various directors and managers would present findings, numbers, challenges and solutions.
  • The meeting needed to close with a Q&A. The moderator would read pre-selected questions that would be answered by directors in the broadcast room.

The Solutions:

  • We utilized a green screen background for the live presentation and prepped the RealReal team for a studio backdrop. That meant helping our client choose appropriate attire and understand the dynamics of cameras and lights during the broadcast. In pre-show conferences, we presented a template of viewer looks for each presentation slide to show the client how the meeting would appear.
  • Attained good chroma key transmission by using even lighting of both green screen and subjects.
  • Used high-end capture cards to transfer content into the computer for wirecast.
  • Captured audio directly from the room’s digital console and sent it to the computer’s wirecast platform using high quality digital interfaces.
  • Processed the video and audio against a branded backdrop (provided by client) and then pushed it to a company link.
  • This work allowed the RealReal team to load the content onto a private YouTube platform for their viewers.

The Outcome:

  • In keeping with the quality of high transmission standards, we embraced the client’s desire to host a live session and got to work on the challenges facing presenters with lights and cameras. We focused on the best lighting technology for live transmission, the importance of clear audio, and capturing a high-definition image. With sights, sounds, and backgrounds all working simultaneously, we helped the RealReal team produce a seamless All Hands meeting.


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