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Productions Don’t Stop.
Neither Do We.

Join us in reimagining the event landscape and envisioning the future of the industry.

Like many of you, the global health crisis has forced us to reevaluate what being together really means. The hiatus has given us time to breathe and look inward, but also look to the future. We are thinking about new ways to do better – with more purpose and impact – both for our people and yours. While social distancing has created chasms between families, friends, and colleagues, technology is keeping us connected and bridging the gap.

In the short term, this spring saw cancellations, confusion, and industry wide contraction that left so many of us thinking, “What now?” Months later, with our industry pivoting to a digital first offering, we see unprecedented opportunity for growth. As we roll out our strategy for the new environment, we strive to incorporate our technical know-how in a way that serves the greater cause – reconnecting with one another.

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