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The experience brought on by COVID-19 has no doubt, been unlike anything our industry has lived before, nonetheless our company. Our team who is traditionally immersed in their busiest months suddenly found themselves, along with the rest of the world, isolated at home and unable to go to work. Our entire industry came to a screeching halt with everyone wondering, “What now?” Over the last three months, we have seen partners and clients drastically downsize; some have pivoted or are planning to pivot; and some have moved on to new ventures.

For the last thirty-plus years, our team has worked non-stop around the clock and throughout the world to help bring to life the branding and messaging of companies and causes of various capacities and purposes. We have experienced economic downturns and recessions, internal downsizing and restructuring, and other life-altering events that come with being a legacy company. Through it all, we have emerged stronger, wiser, and more resilient. Today is no different.

We have always been a team who is proud of where we come from, what we have accomplished, our culture, our diversity, our people, and the community that results. We have been using this time to breathe, reconnect, look inward, and working to incorporate and think about new ways in which we can do better with more purpose and impact both for our people and yours.
Stay tuned as we continue to share updates from our team, their learnings, and new ventures on the horizon. Production doesn’t stop, and neither do we.


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