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Lead Retrieval Scanner $250.00
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Deadline for pre-event orders is Wed. February 28, 2018: Orders placed after the deadline (or onsite) will incur a $50/unit surcharge and be subject to availability.

Prices: are for the duration of the show. No sales tax will be added.

Onsite Support: Lead Retrieval units must be picked up and returned to the AV Images service desk. Technical support will be available at the desk to answer any questions you may have.d services must be received 72 hours prior to delivery date to avoid a minimum 50% charge on equipment. If equipment has already been provided at the time of cancellation, original charges will apply.

Get your Leads Your leads will be posted automatically (in a .CSV format) to a secure website directly after the show.

A written confirmation will be sent to you once order is placed.

Terms & Conditions

RENTAL AGREEMENT: Lead retrieval equipment will be furnished in good working order and the EXHIBITOR agrees to return the equipment to AV IMAGES in the same condition. The EXHIBITOR agrees to the immediate payment, upon request by AV IMAGES for all damages or loss of the Equipment, except for damages that may result from normal operation thereof; and the EXHIBITOR acknowledges and understands that the total replacement cost of the QuickScan Barcode Reader will be $250.00. THE EXHIBITOR AUTHORIZES AV IMAGES TO BILL FOR COSTS, INDICATED ABOVE, FOR EITHER THE FAILURE TO RETURN THE EQUIPMENT TO AV IMAGES BY MIDNIGHT OF THE SHOW’S CLOSING OR FOR ANY DAMAGED EQUIPMENT.
Any software provided to the EXHIBITOR ("Software") is licensed, not sold, and AV IMAGES and its licensors retain all rights thereto other than the non-transferable right to use the software. The software is protected by copyright laws and contains proprietary information and trade secrets belonging to the Validar Corporation, of which AV IMAGES is an exclusive distributor and licensee. EXHIBITOR shall not: (i) use the Software for any purpose or in any manner other than that expressly set forth in the attached order form; (ii) make copies of the software; (iii) distribute, lend, license, rent or otherwise transfer the software; (iv) reverse engineer, disassemble, or decompile the software or otherwise attempt to discover or recreate the source code to the software; (v) make, without the prior written consent of the Validar Corporation, any modification, adaptation, improvement, enhancement, translation, or derivative work of or to the Software. AV IMAGES AND ITS LICENSORS DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE SOFTWARE (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND DISCLAIM ANY LIABILITY FOR INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. AV IMAGES AND ITS LICENSOR’S LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE ARISING OUT OF ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER RELATED TO THIS AGREEMENT WILL BE LIMITED TO THE TOTAL PRICE FOR THE GOODS AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY AV IMAGES.

PAYMENT TERMS: Full payment is due at the time services are ordered. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars. Orders received without advance payment or after the deadline date will incur additional (After Deadline) charges as indicated on the order form. In any event, all pre-show orders must be paid prior to show start date. All materials and equipment are on a rental basis for the duration of the show or event. It is the EXHIBITOR’S responsibility to advise AV IMAGES’ personnel of any problem with any order, and to check invoices for accuracy prior to the close of show. These payment terms and conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the LAWS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. In the event of any dispute between the EXHIBITOR and AV IMAGES relative to any loss, damage, or claim, such EXHIBITOR shall not be entitled to, and shall not withhold payment, or any partial payment due to AV IMAGES for its services as an offset against the amount of any alleged loss or damage. Any claims against AV IMAGES shall be considered a separate transaction, and shall be resolved on its own merits.